A Complete Guide to Heraldry

A Complete Guide to Heraldry by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (1871-1928) was originally published in 1909 by T.C. & E.C. Jack. The work has since passed through countless editions and remains in print more than 80 years after its author’s death.

Armor Buckle

Armor Buckle – A lozenge shaped buckle. Pimbley’s Dictionary of Heraldry; Arthur Pimbley (1908). Originally posted 2011-01-01...
The Manual of Heraldry

The Manual of Heraldry

The Manual of Heraldry published by Arthur Hall, Virtue & Company, London is one of the more widely distributed 19th century heraldry references. Originally published in 1806, The Manual of Heraldry had survived through several editions, one of which reputedly was found in the personal library of United States President John Adams.

Albany Herald

The ceremonial title of one of the heralds to Lord Lyon, Scotland’s King of Arms. The post of Albany has been in existence since at least 1401 when the holder of that office was entered into English records as being on a diplomatic mission sent from Scotland.  The...


The word Abacot is an interesting example of how an error in proof reading invented a word. Apparently the word originated in a misprint of Edward Hall’s Chronicle of 1548 and was then picked up and used by others who thought it was, in fact, a real word. In 1882,...

A Complete Body of Heraldry

Joseph Edmondson’s two volume set A Complete Body of Heraldry (1780) was one of the most ambitious undertakings in heraldry of the time, containing descriptions of knightly orders, histories of peers of Great Britain, and nearly 50,000 coats of arms; it is a great resource for arms coming from England, Wales, and Ireland before the 19th century.