Achaius and the Double Tressure

A.C. Fox-Davies found a very amusing story about the origin of the Double Tressure on the Scottish national arms.

The border around the Scottish Arms is called the Double Tressure Fleur-de-Lisee. Graphic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Kip Kay @ Heraldry on History Road ©2008-2011

“Charlemagne entered into an alliance with Achaius, King of Scotland, and for the services of the Scots the French king added to the Scottish lion the double tressure fleur-de-lisee to show that the former had defended the French lilies, and that therefore the latter would surround the lion and be a defense to him.”

All this is very pretty, but it is not history.

A Complete Guide to Heraldry; Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (1909).

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