Henry Adams (1634)

The arms of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts are shown below.  Henry Adams cam to the North American colonies in 1634 from Caermarthen, Wales.

The Coat of Arms of Henry Adams.  Blazoned: Argent, on a cross gules five mullets or. Crested: Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion affrontée gules.

The Coat of Arms Blazoned: Argent, on a cross gules five mullets or.
Crested: Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion affrontée gules.
Motto: Apsire, perservere, and indulge not.

The arms were most likely awarded in England by the College of Arms of Great Britain.

As cited in the 1904 Edition of Crozier’s General Armory; William Armstrong Crozier, Fox Duffield & Company, New York.

The coat of arms above is a very low resolution example used for illustration of the basic design of the arms. If you need a bigger and prettier version of this coat of arms or that of one of your ancestors, please contact me. Just leave a comment stating what you need and I’ll send you an email.

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  1. HI there, I would love a full res version of this coat of arms. I am doing my geneaology and have found 2 similar coats of arms for the Adams family and can’t tell which is correct. This one and the one from the church in Tidenham. I’m a descendant of Henry Adams of Braintree. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

    • Thanks for writing in.

      It is possible that you have found arms belonging to two different ancestors. Coats Armor are awarded to individuals, not families, even though they are usually passed to the eldest son as a form of inheritable property, it is possible to have multiple people in a single family with independent grants of arms.

      If you let me know what arms you found in Tidenham, I will gladly see if I can find references to connect them to your family.

  2. Kip,
    I descend from Henry Adams. I would like a higher-res version if you can email it.

    I don’t have access to Crozier’s book, but you are saying this coat of arms is listed in it?

    Thank you.

  3. Kip,
    I found Crozier’s General Armory online. In it is the description of Henry Adams’ arms but what source are you using for the image of the actual arms themselves?

  4. Hi Grace,

    The description of the arms “Argent, on a cross gules five mullets or” gives a heraldic artist all the information they need to draw the coat of arms themselves. This is why armories like Crozier’s don’t show illustrations of all the arms.

    So to answer your ‘source’ question, I use those directions to create the image myself. I try to use the style of art from the time the arms were originally granted to give the arms the most authentic look.

    I will happily send you create a larger version of the coat of arms and send it to you in exchange for a donation to the site, of whatever size you think the service is worth to you.


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