William Aiken (1799)

The arms of William Aiken of Providence, Rhode Island.

William Aiken came to the United States in 1799 from London, England.  The shield is emblazoned below:

The shield of the Aiken family.  Gules, a cross crosslet or, cantoned with four bezants.

The Coat of Arms Blazoned: Gules, a cross crosslet or, cantoned with four bezants.
Crested: A fountain throwing up water propper.
Motto: [Not Recorded]

The arms were most likely awarded in England by the College of Arms of Great Britain.

As cited in the 1904 Edition of Crozier’s General Armory; William Armstrong Crozier, Fox Duffield & Company, New York.

The coat of arms above is a very low resolution example used for illustration of the basic design of the arms. If you need a bigger and prettier version of this coat of arms or that of one of your ancestors, please contact me. Just leave a comment stating what you need and I’ll send you an email.

What was the Coat of Arms of the Aiken family from Rhode Island?

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