William Arnold (1636)

The coat of arms of William Arnold of Providence, Rhode Island.

The Arms Arnold as described by Crozier: Gules, a chevron ermine between three pheons Or.

William Arnold came to the colonies of North America in 1636.  He originally came from Leamington in Warwickshire and is said to be descended from Ynyr, King of Gwent (1125).

The Coat of Arms Blazoned: Per pale azure and sable, three fleurs-de-lis or, for Ynjr.  Gules, a chevron ermine between three pheons or, for Arnold.
Crested: A demi-lion rampant gules, holding between its paws a lozenge or.
Motto: Mihi gloria cessum

The arms were most likely awarded in England by the Royal King of Arms.

William Arnold in Crozier's General Armory

As cited in the 1904 Edition of Crozier’s General Armory; William Armstrong Crozier, Fox Duffield & Company, New York.

Motto Translation

The motto, “Mihi gloria cessum” is usually translated into English to mean, “Glory is mine to the end.”

What was the Coat of Arms of the Arnold family from Providence, Rhode Island?

Per pale Azure and Sable, three fluers-de-lis Or (for Ynyr).  Gules a chevron ermine between three pheons Or (for Arnold).

The arms of William Arnold with Family Crest.

According to the rules of British heraldry, William Arnold probably did not have the right to the arms of King Ynyr; however, for the sake of art and fancy I have quartered the arms of Arnold and Ynyr here so show what it would look like.

Other people noted as having the same or similar Coats Armor according to Crozier’s General Armory

Crozier cites other families with the name of Arnold having similar or identical arms:

  • George Carpenter Arnold, Esquire of Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Arthur H. Arnold, Esquire of Providence, Rhode Island.

See Thomas Arnold.

The coat of arms shown here is a very low resolution example used for illustration of the basic design of the heraldic arms and crest. If you need a bigger (and prettier) version of this coat of arms or that of one of your ancestors, please contact me. You may leave a comment below stating what you need and I’ll send you an email within 48 hours. If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, please check the spam folder of your email client. For best results put historyroad.info on your safe domains list.

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Thomas Aitcheson (1800)
William Aiken (1799)


  1. Hi,

    My wife’s family is descended from Arnold. I’m putting together a family history and would love a color picture of the Coat of Arms of the Arnold family of Providence, RI. According to family history, it describes exactly whats in the family history with the exception of the motto.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    My wife’s family is descended from the Arnold family and according to written family records, the Coat of Arms of the Arnold Family of Providence, RI on this page (the one on this page subtitled “quartered arms with crest”) matches exactly the written description in the records.

    I would love to have a good copy of this image to use on the cover page of a newly updated copy of my wife’s family lineage. Would you be so kind as to provide a copy of that coat of arms for me to use for family purposes?



  3. Thanks for visiting Steve,

    I am currently exchanging large format coat of arms files for donations to the site, choose whatever amount you feel it is worth.


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