William Aspinwall (1630)

The coat of arms of William Aspinwall of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The coat of arms of William Aspinwall: Or, a chevron between three griffins' heads erased Sable.

William Aspinwall came to colonies of North America in the year 1630.

The Coat of Arms Blazoned: Or, a chevron between three griffins’ heads erased sable.
Crested: A demi-griffin erased sable, beaked, legged and collared or.
Motto: No information.

The arms were most likely awarded in England by the Royal King of Arms.

The citation for William Aspinwall in Crozier's General Armory

As cited in the 1904 Edition of Crozier’s General Armory; William Armstrong Crozier, Fox Duffield & Company, New York.

Motto Translation

While Crozier didn’t include a motto, Algernon Aspinwall included the the motto, “Aegis fortissima virtus” in his 1901 self-published genealogy of the family. The motto is usually translated into English to mean, “Virtue is the strongest shield.”

The coat of arms and family crest of William Aspinwall

More information on William Aspinwall

Wikipedia has a stub on Wiliam Aspinwall which you can read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Aspinwall

What was the Coat of Arms of the Aspinwall family from Charlestown, Massachusetts?

Or, a chevron between three griffins’ heads erased Sable.

Other people noted as having the same or similar Coats Armor according to Crozier’s General Armory

The coat of arms is similar, but not identical to Thomas Aldrich.

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