Humphrey Atherton (1638)

The coat of arms of Humphrey Atherton of Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The coat of arms of Humphrey Atherton: Gules, three hawks belled and jessed or.

Humphrey Atherton came to colonial North America in the year 1638 from Dorchester, Lancashire, England.

The Coat of Arms Blazoned: Gules, three hawks belled and jessed or..
Crested: A hawk proper legged and beaked or.
Motto: Gules, three hawks belled and jessed or.

The arms were most likely awarded in England by the College of Arms of Great Britain.

The citation for Humphrey Atherton in Crozier's General Armory

As cited in the 1904 Edition of Crozier’s General Armory; William Armstrong Crozier, Fox Duffield & Company, New York.

Motto Translation

The coat of arms and family crest of atherton-humphrey-1638-crest.jpg

More information on Humphrey Atherton

More information about Major-General Humphrey Atherton can be found here:

and here:

What was the Coat of Arms of the Atherton family from Dorchester, Massachusetts?

Gules, three hawks belled and jessed Or.

Other people noted as having the same or similar Coats Armor according to Crozier’s General Armory

Same arms attributed to Fisher Cordenio Atherton, Esquire

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Notes about the Atherton arms

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