Yellow, Gold or Mustard

As you probably know, Or, the metal gold in arms is usually depicted as yellow, although gold leaf is used in many illuminated manuscripts and more fancy arms.

Rarely, very rarely in fact, Yellow is actually Yellow. Although rare everywhere, it is more common in continental Europe than in Britain.

Quarterly mustard and sable a cross argent in each quarter an oak eradicated proper

When Yellow is not used to represent Gold it will be blazoned as “Yellow” or the equivalent term if the arms are from a non-English speaking country.

Some modern day recreation groups will be blazoned “Mustard” as to decrease the Or/Yellow confusion.

In any case, Or and Yellow (or Mustard) should not be used together on a coat of arms. I will be awaiting your list of exceptions in the comments ;-).

Originally posted 2009-12-15 23:03:59.

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