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Jill wrote in with the following question:

Is there an ARNOLD family crest or shield or anything for ARNOLD in Dorset England I see a lot of stuff but cannot seem to find one for my ARNOLD line.
Thank you Jill

Thanks for writing in Jill.

Judging from your IP address, I am guessing you are emailing from South Australia. Unfortunately, I haven’t acquired any genealogical resources on heraldry specific to Australia, so I can’t help you with who it was or when the Arnolds of Dorset came to reside in Australia, but I do have some records of the family in Dorset  and several examples from North America that show the larger family was active in the colonies from an early date.

Burke’s General Armory has this entry:

Arnold (Ashby Lodge, co. Northampton, descended from Richard Arnold of Armswell, co. Dorset, Esq., d. 1595.) Gu. a chev. erm. betw. three pheons or, quartering Cope. Crest—a demi leopard reguard. ppr. bezantée holding a pheon or. Motto—Ut vivas vigila.  -Burke, J. Bernard. The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; Comprising a Registiry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time.  London: Harrison and Sons, 1884. 26.


The Arms of Richard Arnold of Dorset, England. Gules, a Chevron Ermine between three Pheons Or.

Unfortunately Burke doesn’t give us which Cope, is quartered in these arms, of which nine exist in the same armory. It does tell us though that the descendants of Richard Arnold of Dorset were using the arms below at the time.

If you are a descendent of this Richard, you will have cousins in the United States as this passage attests:

(The Arnold Line).

The family of Arnold is of great antiquity, having its origin among the ancient princes of Wales. According to a pedigree recorded in the College of Arms they trace from Yuir, King of Gwentland, who flourished about the middle of the twelfth century, and who was paternally descended from Yuir, the second son of Cadwalader, King of the Britons. The first of the family to adopt a surname was Roger Arnold, a descendant in the twelfth generation from Yuir. From the foregoing source descended the two Arnold brothers, who came to America and were the progenitors of the numerous and distinguished Arnold family of Rhode Island. Their lineage from Roger Arnold is through Thomas, Richard, Richard (2) and Thomas. The latter lived for a time at Melcombe Horsey, from which place he removed to Cheselbourne, settling himself on an estate previously belonging to his father. He was twice married, first to Alice, daughter of John Gulley, of North Over, she being the mother of William Arnold, the immigrant to America; and to his second marriage was born Thomas, the other son who crossed the ocean to the New World. (I) Thomas, son of Richard Arnold, was born in England, in 1599. He came to New England in 1635 in the ship “Plain Joan,” from Cheselbourne, county Dorset, and settled first in Watertown, Massachusetts. He was a proprietor of that town in 1636, and was admitted a freeman. May 13, 1640. He soon fell out with the Puritan authorities and was presented at court for neglecting to have his children baptized, October, 1651. His second wife was Phebe, daughter of George Sr. and Susanna Parkhurst. He and his wife sold March 30, 1655 to her brother, George Parkhurst, land bought of her father and mother December 20, 1648. In 1661 he located in Providence, Rhode Island, where his brother also lived, and he became a leading citizen there. For several years, in I666 and afterward, he was a deputy to the general assembly, and in 1672 member of the town council. Children by first wife: Thomas, Nicholas and Susanna. Children by second wife, born at Watertown: Ichabod, born March 1, 1640; Richard, mentioned below; John, born February 19, 1647; Eleazer, June 17, 1651; Thomas; Elizabeth.-Cutter, William Richard, ed. New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealths and the Founding of a Nation. Vol. IV. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1914.

Arnolds of New England

Coat of arms of the Arnold family of New England as attested in Cutter’s New England Families (1914).

In that volume, the arms of the family is shown with a canton displaying the arms of Ynir, which later would change into the quartering arms professed by William Arnold of Rhode Island as attested by Crozier in 1904.


Arms claimed by William Arnold of New England.

I hope some of this information might be useful in your search. If your genealogy does in fact show that you are a descendent of Richard Arnold of Dorset, then I believe the arms Gules, a Chevron Ermine between three Pheons Or is the arms you are looking for. If you are not Richard’s descendent, the search will be greatly complicated by the fact that so many families Arnold arose to be granted arms from throughout Britain and the German principalities.

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  1. Is there an ARNOLD family crest or shield or anything for ARNOLD in Dorset England? I see a lot of stuff but cannot seem to find one for my ARNOLD line?


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