Bolton’s American Armory

Bolton, Charles Knowles. Bolton’s American Armory. Boston: F. W. Faxon Co, 1927.

Charles Knowles Bolton (1867-1950) was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was buried in Bolton's American ArmoryMiddlesex County, Massachusetts. During his long life he was a antiquarian, genealogist, author of a number of books on family history, New England, and revolutionary United States. He also served as librarian of the Boston Athenaeum between 1898 and 1933.

The book Bolton’s American Armory contains the blazon (text description) of many American families known to have brought coats of arms with them at the time of immigration to North America and the Caribbean. The book does not contain emblazon (the illustrated version) of the arms mentioned, but is a useful source none-the-less, due mostly to the evidence Bolton provides of the use and appearances of the arms on tombstones, seals, and church engravings.

You can sometimes find a copy of the book on Amazon by clicking on this link: Bolton’s American Armory.

Many university libraries carry copies of the book, and some particularly well-stocked municipal libraries as well. You can check the libraries near you by using this link to

A number of Bolton’s other works are listed on, which you can find by following this link. A number of them can also be found as reprints on

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