An oak tree Vert, acorned Or.

In heraldry Acorned is a term used to denote having acorns upon the tree, branch or slip being blazoned.

May be used to indicate the presence of acorns on the tree or to indicate their color is different than the rest of the charge.  [See ACORN]

The term is identical in the regard to oak trees as term Fructed, however the clever and/or odd armorist may have occasion to use acorned upon a tree or item not typically adorned with such fruit.

[That’s right, I just called an acorn fruit, wait until you get to the bit when I tell you Whales and Dolphins are fish.] ©2008-2010

Acorned, (of an oak) fructed with acorns.

A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry; Parker & Company (1894).

Acorned – (A’korned) An oak with acorns on it. (Placed on an escutcheon.)

Pimbley’s Dictionary of Heraldry; Arthur Pimbley (1908).

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