The Arms of Sir George Weir of Blackwood

I often troll around the internet for interesting tidbits about heraldry.

This morning I found Bill Weir’s page about his family name (  He had found the blazon of the arms belonging to one of his ancestors, Sir George of Blackwood, but didn’t have a picture posted of the shield.

I figured I would help him out, and give him a quick work up on his Sir George’s arms.  But Mr. Weir doesn’t have contact information on his site, so I’ll just post it here with a link to his site.  Bill, hopefully you find this link, if you do, feel free to post this image on your site with your other information.


The arms blazoned: Argent, on a fess azure, three mullets of the same. Cited in Sir James Balfour Paul’s Scottish Ordinary in the years 1672-7.

For Bill or anyone else with the last name Weir, you may be interested in the following other Weir coats of arms:

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John R. Agnew (1783)
John Abbot (1851)

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