“I” Terms

IMBUED. Weapons spotted with blood are said to be imbued.

IMPALED. Two coats of arms, conjoined paleways, in one shield.

IN ANNULO*. Charges placed in a ring formation are said to be in annulo. The legendary Betsy Ross flag of the United States had thirteen stars in annulo.


INCRESCENT. The new moon, with her horns turned towards the dexter side of the shield.

INDENTED. A serrated figure, much smaller than the dancette.

INESCUTCHEON. The name given to small escutcheons forming a bearing of a coat of arms.

INVECTED. A line formed with small semicircles, with the points turned inward. Any ordinary drawn with this line is called invected.

ISSUANT, or ISSUING. Rays or other charges proceeding from any part of the escutcheon. See RAY.

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