“N” Terms

NAIANT. A French term for swimming. This term is used in Heraldry when a fish is drawn in an horizontal position.

NAISSANT. A French word signifying coming out. It is used when a lion or any other animal appears to be rising out of the centre of an ordinary.

NEBULÉ, or NEBULY. A French word, signifying cloudy, represented by a curved line.

NOBILITY. Under this denomination are comprehended-dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, and barons only. Archbishops and bishops are included in the rank of clergy.

NOMBRIL POINT. That part of the shield below the fess point.

NORROY. The name of one of the Kings-at-Arms.

NOWED. This word signifies tied or knotted, and is applied to serpents, wiverns, or any animals whose tails are twisted and enfolded like a knot.

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