“O” Terms

OGRESSES. Black roundlets.

OR. The French word for gold. This tincture is denoted in engraving by small points of light.

ORANGES. Roundlets tinctured tenne.

ORDINARY. A term used to denote the simple forms which were first used as heraldic distinctions, and therefore called honourable ordinaries, as conferring more honour than later inventions. They are the chief, pale, bend, bend sinister, fess, bar, chevron, cross, and cross saltier. There are thirteen subordinate ordinaries. The form, size, and place that the honourable and subordinate ordinaries occupy in an achievement are all described in the Manual, and in this Dictionary under their different names.

  • Bend
  • Canton
  • Chevron
  • Chief
  • Cross
  • Fess
  • Pale
  • Pile
  • Saltire
  • Bordure

ORLE. A subordinate ordinary composed of double lines going round the shield at some distance from its edge; it is half the width of the bordure.

OVERALL. This expression describes a figure borne over another and obscuring part of it.

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