“V” Terms

VAIR. A kind of fur formerly used for the lining the garments of knights. It is represented in engraving by the figures of small bells ranged in lines. Unless the colour of the fur is named, vair is always argent and azure. The bend, the cross and saltier, are sometimes formed of this fur.

VAMBRACED. Armour for the arms.

VAMPLATE. A word used by ancient heralds for armour for the hand, instead of gauntlet.

VENUS. The name of the planet, used for the colour vert by ancient heralds, who emblazoned the arms of sovereigns by planets instead of metals and colours.

VERDOY. A bordure charged with eight leaves.

VERT. Green. It is represented in engraving by diagonal lines drawn from the dexter to the sinister side of the shield.

VISCOUNT. A title of honour, a degree below an Earl.

VÖRÖS.  The word for Red used in Hungarian blazons.

VOIDED. A term applied when any part of an ordinary is left open to the field.

VOIDER. A subordinate ordinary.

VOLANT. The French word for flying. It is used in Heraldry to express the same action.

VORANT. Swallowing or devouring: any animal, in a charge, devouring another creature.

VULNED. A word that signifies wounded, used in emblazonry to denote an animal wounded by another creature.

VULNING. Any creature in the act of wounding itself.

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