“W” Terms

WALLED. A term sometimes used in Heraldry. When an ordinary is edged or guarded by an embattled wall.

WAVY. Curved lines, undulating like the waves of the sea.

WHITE. This word is only used to describe a plain fur. It is represented as argent.

WINGED. When the wings of a bird, or those of chimerical figures which are drawn with wings, are of a different tincture to their bodies, they are said to be winged. Thus, in the arms of the state of Venice there is a lion sejant guardant, winged or.

WINGS ERECT. Wings are called erect when their long feathers point upwards.

WINGS INVERTED. When the feathers point downwards.

WIVERN. A chimerical animal, the upper part resembling a dragon.  More commonly spelled Wyvern in modern usage.

WREATH. A chaplet of two different-coloured silks wound round each other, and placed on the top of the helmet for the crest to rest upon.


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