Design Your Own

It is my intent that once I have sufficient background material on this site to give you a simple set-by-step guide to designing your own coat of arms.

Of course I would like to professionally design you arms for you, after all it’s grand to get paid for what you love to do.  But I realize everyone doesn’t have the means to be able to afford that — also it’s great fun to learn about something new and do it yourself.  So hopefully I can get some good karma and enjoyment out of teaching others about a subject I love in any case.  ;-)

Check back soon for more information.

Before you can design an authentic looking coat of arms you first need to understand the components of a coat of arms and the grammar used in constructing “blazons,” that is the textual descriptions used by armorists to record coats of armor.  For this reason we start with “how to read a blazon.”  If you are overly excited to make your own coat of arms, you can jump in and do any old thing you want, but by following the lessons below, step-by-step, you will gain the knowledge you need to know to make authentic looking coats armor.

  1. How to Read a Blazon.
  2. Tinctures.
  3. Charges and Ordinaries.
  4. Position, Orientation and Posture.
  5. Medieval Symmetry.