Welcome to YourArmiger.com

British heraldry is the focus for this site, but continental heraldry is also discussed to a lesser extent.

The site was originally begun by Herald Armiger.  He was a grad student working toward his PhD in Medieval European history.  Time constraints made it impossible for Herald to continue.  Before vanishing from the internet he asked if someone would like to take over the project.  I volunteered to move the site to my own server and continue its development.  As you can tell from the state of the site, I am still in the process of getting the site up and running the way I like, but I hope to make some steady progress, I too am a graduate student, so there are times I just can’t devote regular time to the site.

My focus on the site is to promote a general understanding and appreciation of heraldry.  The articles you find are a synthesis or information from people generally considered to be experts on heraldry.  Being a good history student, I give citations for all my information — feel free to double check and please, if you have found contrary information, let me know.

I hope you find the site entertaining and useful.